Executing the Leader’s Vision

As a leader, you could be feeling rather isolated right now. Why? Because you are isolated.

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As an organisational leader you gravitate into a reflective, receptive position – usually with courage, an inspired vision and a strategy.

However, it is often left up to less focused employees to execute your strategy and unfortunately, this could be actually costing you your vision.

What really happens when you communicate your vision and strategy?

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Journey to Clarity

larapinta-trailThe Outback Tour to Get a New Perspective… for Life, For Business.

A perfect 6-Day Adventure for Busy Executives to Recharge

Light years away from the material world of deadlines and man-made stimuli;
Part or fully Tax Deductible…

Journey to Clarity where the last frontier meets the oldest frontier.

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Corporate Training


An Uncomplicated Solution to the Epidemic Problems of High Staff Stress Levels and Lost Productivity…

Implemented by Fortune 500 Companies – Easy for Staff to Use From as Little as 5-Minutes a Day – Learnt in One Session.

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stuart_mackay Stuart Mackay is the Australian born founder and author of Clarity Now.

As one of the most experienced instructors in the field of Leadership Engagement, Stuart has travelled the world for last 36 years, presenting the benefits of having a clear mind for higher personal and business relations.

He has personally trained over 500 Senior PETRONAS Executives in Malaysia.

How to Rapidly Propel Your Vision Forward – Book Now

Find out how to actively align yourself with key decision makers and employees, to successfully execute your vision and strategy.

“The organisational Soul needs to balance the receptive with the technical (business) to be able to fully express itself”Stuart Mackay