A global workplace health and engagement turnkey program, the Global Clarity Challenge (GCC) supports employees to have a clearer mind today than they did yesterday. When they are ready…

Stuart Mackay - Founder and author of Clarity

In 1981, Stuart Mackay developed a simple, practical and powerful method for the safe release of inner tension.

Unreleased inner tension being the root cause of disengagement.

Despite the explosion of techniques available today, many still struggle to find an effective method to help them achieve sustainable engagement.

He invites you to try one that does, its called Clarity.

The Shockwave

With only 14% of your employees are available, through disengagement, it’s important that you demonstrate to your stakeholders you do have a clear path ahead.

Why? Because all of your old and new strategic planning, initiatives, and technical training, still need to get through this internal pipeline that is around 86% restricted by all levels of employee disengagement.

Quantifying Engagement

The Clarity method has resulted in quantifiable positive changes in the individual by completing the transformation from the state of disengagement to engagement.

The re-engaged individual has become a positive asset to the organization. 

Enlightened leadership

Re-engagement is personal and a delicate balance, it requires understanding, time and space to safely and steadily increase its flow.

One cannot learn it, push it, pull it or dangle incentives in front of it, to increase it, one must release that which is restricting it. Volunteers only, please.


The Clarity journey begins with employees accepting the challenge to spend in the start,  just 5 minutes a day on a regular basis.

To progressively release unwanted tension, to become calmer, clearer and more engaged.

Even though the Clarity method is free to all users, Clarity has a unique business model that organisations can capitalise on, its called Global Clarity Challenge.

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