Accelerated Stress Release

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Starting from as little as 5-minutes a day.

Practicing Clarity, is a proven, easy to use, accelerated stress release technique, that is highly effective for the release of persistent stress and inner-tension.

Regular use of Clarity releases the build-up of new daily stress, that can contribute to serious health and relationship issues.

Clarity is...

  • Easy to use and effective from as little as 5-minutes a day
  • Lets you check your results as you progress – using the visual Clarity personal progress tracking App
  • Lets you stay in charge – through self-pacing
  • Lets you enjoy a better night’s sleep
  • Used by thousands of people, including Fortune 500 executives
  • Has a No risk – 30-day money-back guarantee

Easy, uncomplicated, effective

Any stress release technique should be easy to follow and not time demanding, otherwise it’s not practical.

Clarity accelerated stress release method has no complicated theories or steps to master, and can be learned in one easy on-line training module.

See your progress using the Clarity Visual Tracking App

Just follow the easy instructions to see visually your personal progress as you use the Clarity accelerated stress release program on a regular basis.

You can also invite a close friend or two into your personal Clarity My Group and support each other by releasing stress – and getting better and better.

13 05 20 Stuart

Stuart Mackay – Author and founder of Clarity

Stuart is a pioneer and one of the most experienced instructors in the field of self-healing.

He has introduced his Clarity accelerated stress release technique at a personal, community and corporate level, in no less than 14 countries around the world over the last forty years!

He held a private healing practice and conducted countless residential healing retreats for over 20 years in Sydney, Australia and 10 years in South East Asia.

He regularly witnessed cases of very ill people recovering to wellness as their inner-tension was released through his easy, yet very focused and accelerated technique.

What you get with Clarity

Full access to the complete Clarity Accelerated Stress Release Program – 5 modules for your ongoing personal use.

The first module is just 5-minutes a day, with sessions of increasing length available to you as you begin to feel the benefits of regularly releasing of built-up stress and inner-tension.

You will also receive life-time access to all Clarity benefits for just USD$69, including…

  • How to practice Clarity in your own space
  • 5 simple progressive Clarity modules
  • The unique visual Clarity Progress Tracker
  • Online support if and when you need it
  • The benefit of 40 years of proven Clarity success
  • The Clarity App for your computer and mobile
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

A personal testimony

13 05 20 Ewa1
Dr. Eva Henner (MB., BS.) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Sydney University)

“Stuart is a naturally gifted healer of great integrity, insight and humility.

I recommend his programme ‘Clarity‘ to anyone seeking inner peace. 

I recommend Stuart as an exceptional guide and support in this process”.

Clarity - simple and affordable

The Clarity Accelerated Stress Release Program is a one-off USD$69 purchase, far less expensive than ongoing monthly or yearly fees that many other stress release programs charge. I confidently back its effectiveness for releasing stress as second to none.

Don’t just take my word for it.

There are many Clarity testimonials you can read, plus my personal, 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

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My guarantee: If you feel Clarity is not right for you within 30-days, just email me and I will happily refund your money.

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