Since 1981, Clarity has provided a simple and practical, measurement and evidence-based tool and program for the safe release of inner tension from within the individual.

Resulting in quantifiable re-engagement in the leadership, culture, communication, performance, social responsibility and sustainability of organizations, and the individuals who comprise them.


“Support those who need to grow – invest in those who want to grow. Seek out all of those who are standing at the intersection of ‘readiness and willingness’ – volunteers only please”.

Measurement reporting

The Clarity Methodology and its Workshop have produced significant results in monitoring disengagement in the office environment.

We have managed to quantify the percentage of executives disengagement at the start of the Clarity Process, and within a 3-week period we have seen this disengagement see marked changes as the executive’s stress levels reduce through the Clarity Process and changes to engagement. Using “Gallup Poll” studies, we then highlight the worth /value of the executives as they become re-engaged performers.

The value of the company’s executives now becomes a positive, not a negative.

Clarity has and is therefore providing a significant tool for the Human Resource Department of an organization, to gauge the performance of all its executives, using a quantitative method that actually defines and gauges their performance.

We now have a quantitative tool for the HR Dept, that uses a quantitative method, rather than the traditional qualitative method, that now places HR in a similar performance management area, e.g. gauging the value of a PR and Marketing campaign to a company’s bottom line performance or using the quantitative methodology to gauge the pricing of a company’s product in the market place.

The Global Clarity Challenge

No matter where on earth your people are no matter how many there are, joining together our competitive spirit with higher engagement creates a healthy organisational culture.

It is also a ‘soft sell’ for an effective transformational change, as this becomes an ‘I want to’, not an ‘I have to’, experience of choice, giving the individual a personal goal plus being a part of a group goal.

The Invitation

If you are an individual or you are part of a group that is hungry for change, maybe you don’t wait for leadership to decide for you, you could be waiting quite a while. Start the Clarity Challenge today.

Founder and author of Clarity

Stuart Mackay

Just looking around the planet, disengagement has become the shockwave we didn’t feel. It’s definitely time for us all to re-engage. Do join me in the Global Clarity Challenge.

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