A Brief History

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In the early 1980’s Stuart Mackay envisaged a future in which there would be an urgent need for a tool to safely ‘release‘ unwanted tension on a global scale. What he saw was a world being increasingly constrained by its own fear (tension) reaching pandemic proportions between 2012 and 2018.

His vision

To develop a practical and uncomplicated method, to support the ‘release‘ of tension and at the same time ‘increasing‘ personal engagement.

With the view to make the abstract concrete, his unique method rapidly evolved when he pioneered measurement, progress tracking and reporting combined with a daily integration system, thus giving the individual and or stakeholders tangible feedback, encouragement and a support structure.


In 1984 he received an honorary doctorate in the U.S.A. for his first published program, from the then Institute of Mind and Body Science in Phoenix, Arizona. Since then his method has been well tried and tested, it is called Clarity Now.

From 1985 onwards he worked with cancer patients, and people with a wide range of life threatening illnesses, including individuals for personal growth, in 1987-88 he worked extensively with HIV suffers at the Albion Centre, an annex of Sydney Hospital, under the Directorship of Dr. Julian Gold, with regular weekly groups and residential healing retreats.

Stuart has worked with a range of major organisations in different countries, and recently trained over 500 senior executives from PETRONAS Malaysia, all of which have experienced his method.

He also introduced a prevention/intervention trial for cancer suffers with the National Cancer Society, Malaysia (NCSM). The Self-Healing Pilot Program started in 2011.

For over 36 years Stuart has travelled presenting the benefits of a progressively clearer mind for greatly improved personal and business relations. His method has helped all types of people – from individuals to Fortune 500 companies from boardrooms to dining rooms and hospitals, around the world.

Countries in which Stuart has introduced Clarity Now include: Australia – United States – Canada – United Kingdom – New Zealand – Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand). His focus is online delivery via Skype.


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Whether you are an individual or you represent an organisation - take action, please call Stuart direct on International Free Call (WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat or LINE) +61 422 943 737, Skype: tryclaritynow, or use the contact form below, he can show you how easily managers and employees ‘buy into’ Clarity Now, as a personal life skill that they value – and the organisation can quickly gain new levels of productivity.

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International Free Call (WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat or LINE) +61 422 943 737

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