Global Clarity Challenge

Our competitive spirit

Joining together our competitive spirit with higher engagement creates a healthy organizational culture. It is also a soft sell for a powerful transformational change, as this becomes an ‘I want to’, not ‘I have to’, experience of choice, giving the individual a personal goal plus being a part of a group goal.

When registering for the Global Clarity Challenge we capture username, department code, organization code, and country code, all of which become groups within the Global Clarity Challenge. All groups are anonymously featured and updated live via our website.

The individual’s personal/ and confidential progress and selected group progress are also delivered live to the individual smartphone or desktop, direct from the Clarity software.

The Clarity software captures the individual and group starting points and measures and tracks live progress from that starting point.

It is proposed that each month the group that has released the most stress and tension and gained the most clarity/ or higher engagement, get recognition.

The unique Clarity software

The Clarity software is based on world-class cutting-edge technology that is user-friendly.

It has a high level of sophistication as a personalized support and ongoing delivery system, plus a rapid feedback and information-gathering tool. The combination of the Clarity software, the easy-to-do Clarity practice, with the unique 4-way personal tracking system mean organizations will have a highly effective stress-release program for their employees, on a voluntary participation basis, that is simply world-class best practice in employee wellbeing and support.

The Clarity Challenge is promoted by your organization with an invitation and a link, that is simply emailed to employees a seriously cost-effective approach. Let’s get in touch.

We remain realistic

It should be noted that Clarity does not have an unrealistically high expectation that all, or even most employees, will take up and make use of the Clarity software, as the program is after all on a volunteer-only basis.

Also, some employees will try the Clarity Challenge, and drop out for all sorts of reasons, excuses, or lack of commitment. Some will claim lack of time to find 5 minutes a day, but still, watch 4 or 5 hours of TV. This is naturally their right and their choice, we do not judge.

However, there will be a core of managers, staff, and individuals with a greater enough need, i.e. the ‘readiness and willingness’ factor, who will embrace the opportunity to ‘release stress and tension’ to improve their health and well-being. In organisations this is the key core group that has the potential to move participating organisations to the 70 – 30 level.

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