Start your day with Clarity, via Zoom, Free of charge

Clarity is practiced with eyes open, it is simple, powerful, and a proven method to download stress and tension – leaving you with Clarity

Morning Clarity via Zoom starts May 1st, 2021

Join me live daily, from 6:00 to 6:20 am - at your place.

Stuart Mackay founder and author of Clarity.
Since 1981

Getting Started

Step 1. Get the Clarity via Zoom access link from us via Email, Messenger, or Whatsapp.

Step 2. There are 7 time zones at 6 am available at the moment.

  • London, UK
  • New York, USA
  • Chicago, USA
  • Denver, USA
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Sydney, AU
  • Singapore

Step 3. View the full video below (this video is the Clarity App introduction).

Step 4. Find a comfortable and distraction-free space for the next 20 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me here via Messenger or Whatsapp. I am happy to answer any of your questions. There is no obligation…

Zoom is live from Clarity HOUSE, our training centre in Stoneville, nestled in the Perth Hills of Western Australia.

Clarity Training Centre

With acknowledgment and respect for the traditional owners of this land, the Nyungar People, and for all Aboriginal Australians.

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