A front-line job is tough at times… 

What happens when your tension levels reach that of the people we are helping?

You may be a nurse, police officer, emergency professional, caregiver, social worker, a school teacher or perhaps a lawyer – the list of high pressure front-line workplaces is long. 

Even when you love your job, constant exposure to people who you are helping, but who are experiencing some of the most despairing times of their life, can, unfortunately, begin to affect your own wellbeing.

Statistics increasingly show that ongoing, un-released workplace stress and tension can lead to depression or burn-out; impacting negatively on you, your partner, your family and other personal relationships.

Clarity is focused on arming front-line professionals and carers with a proven tool to release inner tension – and to help them maintain their ongoing balance or clarity, with an easy-to-follow method.

Used Around the World for over 40 Years

The author and founder of Clarity, Stuart Mackay, has taught Clarity to individuals and organisations for some 40 years in many countries, including Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Asia; Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, South Korea and Vietnam.

The steps are simple

Firstly the Clarity App is free of charge. Secondly, Clarity is a method learned in just one module, starting with just 5 minutes a day.

Here you will learn how to progressively create, manage and measure your clarity as well as track your progress for the long term.

Clarity is practiced with eyes open. It is a simple, powerful, and proven method to release stress and tension – leaving you with Clarity.

Stuart Mackay founder and author of Clarity.

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