The Power of CLARITY, Enables You to Quickly Release Stress, this creates Focus, Productivity a More Valuable YOU

Research worldwide has shown that unreleased Stress and Anxiety has a major negative impact on our wellbeing – blocking our focus and ability to engage effectively personally and professionally. This often leads to what is termed ‘active disengagement’ by a large percentage of our fellow colleagues.

Why Many of us Ignore the ‘Elephant in the Room’ – Stress & Tension


While study after study shows stress and tension is completely undermining personal, family and work life, many individuals are frustrated in their search to an effective method (that isn’t complicated) to help them to actually release Stress and Tension.

We do know that unless a program is easy to learn and not too time consuming, they simply won’t engage.

The Benefits of Releasing Stress Versus Stress Management in You…


Managing or seeking relief from tension was a good start. However, this is like trying to manage a live hand-grenade that is centred in your every day experience.

The reality is – you cannot Manage stress!

However, just like the live hand-grenade example, you can defuse it – and this is achieved with Clarity by safely RELEASING Stress and Tension gradually and consistently - in the comfort of your own home.

Proven Stress Release that Requires at the start Just 5-minutes a day


One of the major benefits of Clarity is its ultimate simplicity. Learnt in one session, it is a program that helps you to build genuine calmness and clarity, with a powerful yet uncomplicated method to not manage stress but to release it. Starting from as little as 5-minutes a day.

Clarity is a proven form of Stress Release which has benefited thousands of Mums, Dads, Children and businesses since 1981, including Fortune 500 organisations.

Start to balance YOU, home and work will follow


You will receive unique benefits equal to your efforts, in creating clarity in your life.

The amount of tension released is equal to the amount of clarity YOU receive. With the clarity YOU receive, the influence reaches far beyond your physical body, personal and professional relationships. 

The Change In YOU, Scenario:

  • Now when I go to work, it’s a positive experience √

  • Started to sleep right through for the first time in near 2 years

  • Fun to be with, uncluttered-time seems to last longer, that’s fun.

  • Things are a lot calmer at home, (thats everything).

  • My body was on-guard, now it’s not as rushed, now I do eat better

  • On my morning walk, I caught myself making a purchase, I was on auto-buy, then for probably the first time, I consciously stood back, and it was like, I had time to reflect. (then I had a… ‘What was I thinking’, Moment).

  • Living with less stress is a whole new ball game √

Your clarity flows on:

  • I’m calmer, my kids are calmer (Mmm)

  • Others have commented on my ability to hold my attention

  • Others have commented on my skin, something about a glow

  • Reduced Office Politics (definitely)

  • Clearer Communications (of course)

  • More Focused Decision Making (absolutely)

  • Better Customer Service (well of course)

  • Reduced Health and Safety Risk (oh yes)

  • Higher Productivity (of course)

  • Self Respect, (it is getting better)

Getting clarity is how to balance YOU - home and work will follow.


The Global Clarity Challenge

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There are 5 Clarity Challenges all designed to prepare YOU, for a life of increasing clarity.

Join as an individual


Add the power of MyGroup


Give your MyGroup a username and password then invite 3 collaborators from anywhere in the world that are willing to experience the Global Clarity Challenge with YOU, it’s great support.

Join as an Organisation


Joining together our competitive spirit with higher engagement creates a healthy organisational culture. It is also a soft sell for a powerful transformational change, as this becomes an 'I want to', not a 'I have to', experience of choice, giving the individual a personal goal plus being a part of a group goal.

Give your Organisation a username and password, then invite employees from anywhere in the world to join in and experience with YOU, the Global Clarity Challenge.

Any employee can create MyGroup of 3 other colleagues within your organisation.

There are 5 Challenges

YOU get your personal dashboard, profile photo, progress tracking and Getting Started, then there are 5 Clarity Challenges all designed to prepare YOU, for a life of increasing clarity.

I can sign in as a global individual, create a MyGroup with 3 friends or link may account to my employers GCC account.

Invite MyGroup


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