Your Coach

Is vital to your success, with their experience, objectivity and observation, they will guide you through technical skills, and provide strategies to help you navigate the various stressors (or fears) that you carry, however, it is up to you - only you can deal with your inside stressors.

Elite Sport

Requires you to endure an increasing range of complex strategies, sometimes leaving little headspace to do what you do best. These complex strategies are merely an attempt to replicate what you already have inside. This can be stressful, costly and time-consuming.

Coming Down to Earth

Take into account there are about 700 muscles standing between your mind's eye and your gold medal.

Your vision, your mindset, and every single muscle are directly affected by your internal stressors. Many stressors are deep and can stem from childhood, and are well out of reach of mental manipulation or management.

Even on a good day, these stressors can have a negative impact on your mindset and muscles. When inner tension rises, you are taken out of the zone. The moment is lost and before you know it, you are trying to steer the ball, after you have hit it.

Clarity - The Inner Coach

Practising Clarity guarantees you the progressive release of deep inner stressors, creating a stress-free body and a clear focused mind. This is what’s required to express your unique talent and to apply your technical skills.

Your desire comes from deep within, and what you need, is a clear internal path to reach gold. Only then you will realise that you are the inner coach.

Our process

The Clarity method is learnt in just one module.

You will learn how to create, manage and measure your clarity as well as track your progress.

You will receive the integration tools to independently adapt real clarity into your game. The good news is the Clarity warm-up process starts from just 5-minutes a day.

Clarity does not give you more to think about, it's the opposite. It's about the systematic release of deep seated stressors or tension that clears the inner path. This leaves you clear to do what you do best and you will discover that you already have inside you what it takes.

“The Sporting Soul needs to balance the inner (the inspirational) with the outer (the technical), to reach its full potential”.

Developed by


Stuart Mackay is the Australian born founder and author of Clarity.

As one of the most experienced instructors in the field of Leadership Engagement, Stuart has travelled the world for the last 38 years, presenting Clarity as a practical and measurable method to progressively clear the mind for higher personal and business engagement. He has personally facilitated over 500 Senior PETRONAS Executives in Malaysia.

Clarity Online

Traditional programs last a fixed period of time and may not necessarily result in a long term behavioural change. To ensure sustained change and transformation of the individual, practising Clarity; 

  • Creates clarity

  • Manages clarity

  • Measures clarity

  • Integrates clarity

  • Supports clarity

We provide follow-up support for participants.

  • How to practice Clarity at home

  • 5 simple progressive Clarity modules

  • A unique visual Clarity Progress Tracker

  • Tried and tested over 38 years

  • Support when you need it – email, phone or Skype