Where does more come from?

We feel things have to change, things have become unsustainable.

The phone call

I recently got a call from a telephone marketer promoting ex-pat financial planning. Quite often their strategies are very convincing. They are constantly coming up with innovative ways for us to get more from our investments. However, quite often the market doesn’t cooperate.

Meanwhile, many of my colleagues are watching helplessly as their retirement investments are seriously dwindling.

I asked him; “Where does ‘more’ come from?”


Then I ask him. “Do you agree that ‘less’ comes from making the wrong decisions?” I got a ‘yes.’

He then asks me, “What are your strategies, where do you invest?”

My primary investment is in having a clear mind. This puts me in a position to have clarity preceding my decisions and actions, not just following them. This helps me make better decisions. This is where more comes from.


There comes a point in time

We often find ourselves in a place of seeking validation from others, like a leader who looks around the boardroom to identify who is in agreement and who is not, or in a form of a survey or report, we are constantly seeking assurances and validation to move forward.

There will come a time for us to get off the dance floor and get on to the balcony to take the time and quietly reflect, observe and allow our answers to come from a clearer place.

Take the time

This is our point of readiness, our personal turning point, our time to experience higher engagement with ourselves and with those we come in contact with.

If your methods of dealing with higher engagement aren’t contributing to your greater emotional and physical health or success, perhaps it’s time to experience a method that does.

Clarity is a compelling, step-by-step journey to experiencing higher engagement that is tangible and measurable as you take the time to release your tension.

© 2015 Stuart Mackay

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