Experience the power of CLARITY

In the Clarity Workshop you will learn to quickly release inner-tension and receive the tools to maintain focus, productivity and rapidly increase your personal value.

Research worldwide has shown that unreleased tension has a major negative impact on our wellbeing – blocking our focus and ability to engage effectively personally and professionally.

Why many of us ignore the ‘elephant in the room’ – inner-tension


While study after study shows stress and tension is completely undermining our world personally, family, creative and work life. Many individuals are frustrated in their search for a healthy and effective method (that isn’t complicated) to help them to release inner-tension.

We do know that unless a program is easy to learn and not too time consuming, you simply won’t engage with it.

The benefits of releasing inner-tension versus stress management


Managing or seeking relief from inner-tension sounds great in the short term. Let’s face it - it is still contained.

Letting it go

Letting it go is achieved with Clarity by safely releasing inner-tension gradually and consistently - with regular practice in the comfort of your own space.

Proven inner-tension release that requires at the start just 5-minutes a day


One of the major benefits of Clarity is its ultimate simplicity. Learnt in one session, it is a program that helps you to build and maintain genuine calmness and clarity, with a powerful yet uncomplicated method to not manage inner-tension but to release it. Starting from as little as 5-minutes a day.

Start to balance you, home and work will follow


You will receive unique benefits equal to your efforts, in creating clarity in your life.

The amount of inner tension released is equal to the amount of clarity you receive. With what you receive, the influence reaches far beyond your physical body, personal and professional relationships. 

The change in you, scenario

  • Now when I go to work, it’s a positive experience √

  • Started to sleep right through for the first time in years

  • Fun to be with, uncluttered-time seems to last longer - that’s fun.

  • Things are a lot calmer at home, (that’s everything).

  • My body was on-guard, now it’s not as rushed, and I do eat better

  • I have more time to think things through √√

  • Living with less tension is a whole new ball game √

Your clarity flows on and on

  • I’m calmer, my kids are calmer (Mmm)

  • Others have commented on my ability to hold my attention

  • Others have commented on my skin, something about a glow

  • Reduced Office Politics (definitely)

  • Clearer Communications (of course)

  • More Focused Decision Making (absolutely)

  • Better Customer Service (well of course)

  • Reduced Health and Safety Risk (oh yes)

  • Higher Productivity (of course)

  • Self Respect, (it is getting better)

Getting clarity is how to balance you - home and work will follow.

Online modules to maintain your clarity

Included in the workshop is the Clarity online 5-week integration programme, the tools to create, manage, measure and support clarity into daily life.

Traditional programs last a fixed period of time and may not necessarily result in a long term behavioural change. To ensure sustained change and transformation of the individual, each participant receives the following modules.

  • How to practice Clarity in your own space

  • 5 week simple progressive Clarity modules

  • The unique visual daily Clarity Progress Tracker

  • Support when you need it

This method had been tried and tested over 38 years